Giving to Richmond Team Ministry

Freely you have received, freely give (see Matthew 10.8)
All things come from you and of your own do we give you (Offertory Response)

We aim to meet all of our running costs out of stewardship income, so that it can continue to serve the community in Richmond and beyond, and to continue to develop its work. To achieve this, the church relies on each of us to give week by week, month by month, year by year.

Our running costs include our contribution to Southwark Diocese (principally for training, paying and housing clergy), the day to day cost of running our three churches and staff salaries. 10% of all income is given away to mission organisations, at home and overseas, and secular charities.

How much shall I give?

We think it important that everyone involved in the life of our parish contributes according to his or her resources. Many people base their giving on 5% of disposable income (the amount left after taxes and housing costs) following the guideline of the Church; others follow the Biblical 10%.

How shall I give?

By far the best way of giving is by banker’s order. Alternatively, payments can be made by cheque or in cash in an envelope bearing the donor’s name or stewardship scheme number. Whichever method is adopted, it is important that all donors who are taxpayers complete Gift Aid declarations, so that we can reclaim from the Inland Revenue 28p for every £1 given. In 2009 the total tax reclaimed was £66,700.

Giving Enquiries

If you would like to join our stewardship scheme, or wish to know more, please contact our Stewardship Secretary, Graham Hunton by email at