A single bell marks VJ Day anniversary

We played our part in the country‚Äôs commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VJ Day when the second world war finally came to an end with the surrender of Japan.

Church bells around the UK combined to take part in the occasion on Saturday, August 15. Because of social distancing rules it was decided that a single bell in each tower should strike 75 times following two minutes silence at 11am.

At St Mary Magdalene, the vicar Wilma Roest said prayers that were broadcast on the live web stream, followed by tower captain Jackie Harrison ringing the No 6 bell. 

On a technical note, Jackie prepared for the ringing by setting the bell at backstroke earlier in the morning. This meant that when the time came, the 75th sounding of the bell was at handstroke which is an easier position from which to control and set the bell.

Jackie Harrison
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