Growing Together 2008-2012

This plan represents the hopes and needs of St Mary Magdalene and our local community. 240 people from our congregations filled in a questionnaire in January 2008. Then during February 85 people met for three weeks, in eight groups, to share, pray and discuss our theme ‘Growing Together’.


The main areas for us as members of our church community are:

  1. A Worshipping Community
  2. A Welcoming Community
  3. A Growing Community
  4. An Outward-looking Community
  5. A Forward-looking Community

The objectives set out in this plan are not exclusive; the church will be continuing current activities not mentioned and new ideas will emerge during the next few years.
By joining in the many facets of the life of the church you will make friends and grow in fellowship with the other members. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is called to use their talents or skills.

  • Pray for the fulfilment of the GROWING TOGETHER plan
  • Pray for the church officers and clergy