Tenor tolls for Remembrance

Ringing for Remembrance Sunday is normally a very special and high priority event for the ringers, with the bells half muffled to produce a mournful faint echo every other blow. This year the ceremony on November 8 was different with the country in the second Covid lockdown. 

There was no regular service to ring for, and even the socially distanced band of four ringers was not allowed in the tower together. Outside, there was no band, no marching, no assembling around the civic war memorial. 

How then to set the scene for the short service by the churchyard war memorial? A single ringer, our ringing master Martin Crick, was in the tower tolling the tenor, the heaviest bell, from 10:45 to 10:55. The lone deep note, ringing slowly, set a suitably sombre mood. As it ceased, the wreath bearers from the British Legion left the church and the short service began.


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